Day 18

So far, so good.  I’m having all sorts of pains, weird feelings and just not really sure what is going on, but I can’t stop now.

PAIN        My pain is minimal, mostly because I am taking pain medication.  I had a bad hiatal hernia that was also repaired along with my sleeve gastrectomy.  I think most of my pain is from that but also the laparoscopic incisions are quite tender.

FOOD        Now, my feelings as far as food, hunger and all that jazz is a little weird. I woke up not hungry but knew I needed to eat.  Today, I  started my  full liquid diet.  Thank God.  The clear liquid was starting to make me feel a little nauseous.  I had about 4 oz of an Iced Latte shake.  Tasted really good and went down really well.  So, I have passed the first step for full liquids.  I will be on full liquids for about 2 weeks.  I also made me some black bean soup.  I made it a little runny and strained it so no little bean skins were left.  It tasted awesome.  Still having a hard time getting in 64 oz of liquid.  I’m at 40 oz right now and probably won’t be adding much more.






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